What they Say…

We are honoured to be featured regularly in a range of publications, both printed and online, together with some lovely reviews from our customers. Read a few of their comments below…

You can also see founder and patisserie chef Konstantinos Danas on his regular television spot broadcast on ΝΕΑ Τηλεόραση Κρήτης.

“Several of my favourite places to eat in Crete are in its second city, Chania” says Morito chef Marianna Leivaditaki in the Financial Times… “In the old town, Sketi Glyka is known for its unique and adventurous deserts such as a salted caramel and mascarpone torte.”

“Some of the best desserts that I’ve ever had…tucked away down a little alley in Old Town, it became one of my favorite spots to write while giving myself a little treat. My favourite was the caramel panna cotta.”

Eating the Globe

“Amazing decoration with character. Their sweets are delicious and look like WORKS OF ART! So beautiful you are afraid to attack them with the spoon!”

M.Nikita – Facebook

“Romantic with a Parisian air…pure sweetness!

This place is particularly renown and popular in Chania and has identified it’s name with the most luscious sweets.”

“Great patisserie, beautiful and unique creations.Everything we had was absolutely phenomenal!! The level of execution on the pastry is very high end. Lemon pie, creme brûlée, all pastries were so..tasteful .!! -:)

It’s simply the best…!! Highly recommended!”

Chaxs33 – Trip Advisor

“An Athenian patissier, Konstantinos Danas, came to Chania for holidays and, luckily, never left again. He creates miracles in the kitchen of the beautiful cafe-pastry shop!”

“Absolutely amazing desserts. Some of the best I’ve ever had.
And the personnel is super nice and helpful. They make a killer cappuccino too!”

Therese Stahl – Google Review