Our Story

Born of a passion for patisserie and with an emphasis on sourcing local, seasonal ingredients, we couple this with the finest cocoa in the world by French chocolatier Valrhona to create contemporary deserts and cakes that we hope will delight and inspire.

Sketi Glika opened in 2013 with the goal of becoming a warm and welcoming place for people living or visiting our neighbourhood to take time, relax and enjoy. We provide a place for conversation, respite, and an escape from the daily routine where you an enjoy our creations in a relaxed and comfortable environment, severed alongside the finest coffees, local wines and digestifs.

Crafted by hand

Based in the small streets of Chania’s old town, adjacent to the Venetian Port, we create hand-crafted, unique and innovative deserts for you to experience and enjoy. Combining classical techniques and training with creativity and playfulness, our menu changes daily and seasonally, representing some of the finest ingredients of the island of Crete, of Greece and the wider world.

Local and Seasonal

Seasonality and sustainability is very much at the heart of what we offer. Deserts like our ‘Cretan Herbs’ utilise local ingredients such as Malotira, known also as tsai tou vounou (tea of the mountains) which is revered for its medicinal and beneficial properties. We source our milk from a small producer who manages a small free range herd in nearby Platanias (which are some of the only cows on the island) and our other fruits and herbs come from similar small local producers wherever possible.

For other ingredients, not so readily available in Crete, we work with brands like Valrhona, who produce quite probably the world’s finest chocolate for our recipes and have an unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical production.

In the heart of Chania’s Old Town…

A true family business run by brother and sister Konstantinos and Irene Danas. Konstantinos’s creativity is inspired by the island and it’s abundance of produce, working alongside his sister Irene, also classically trained, they run the patisserie in a beautiful, relaxed and unpretentious environment which has been designed by their mother. With quirky interiors, vintage pieces and a combination of unique elements we hope you will enjoy your visit and find it to be an enchanting mixture that allows you to feel both fanciful and comforting at the same time.

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