Our Patisserie Menu

Sketi Glika offers you a sweet journey from morning to night. From your morning coffee to an afternoon treat, and into the evening for that sweet fix to see you through the night. Paired with our artisan coffees, our own special blend teas, wines and spirits, our seasonal delicacies change daily so there is always something new for you to enjoy.

Available to eat in or take away, deserts change seasonally, but below is a selection of what you can expect to find…


Dark chocolate and tonka bean mousse made from Guanaja, Valrhona’s legendary 70% dark chocolate, sitting on a rich cocoa biscuit. Does not contain nuts*

Cretan Herbs

Cream flavoured with local Cretan herbs and passion fruit crémeux, enrobed in a passion fruit glaze and sitting upon a pistachio biscuit

Banana Waffle

A milk chocolate mousse made with Valrhona Equatoriale Lactee 35% cocoa chocolate, layered with confit banana on a crisp crushed waffle base

Strawberry Tart

A pistachio tart case filled with strawberry crémeux, topped with cream infused with mint and lime and finished with fresh local strawberries and black sesame seeds


A buttery sablé biscuit topped with a crème montée infused with sherry, a glaze of cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) and topped with a fresh fig

Mango Éclair

A choux éclair filled with mango crémeux, topped with rich mango sauce and dark chocolate biscuits

La Vie en Rose

Milk chocolate mousse with hints of rose, lychee, raspberry and topped with a passion fruit caramel and finished with a fresh, edible rose petal. Gluten free*

Salty & Sweet

One of our signature (and most popular) sweets. A rich shortcrust tart filled with mascarpone cream glazed with milk chocolate and local “Fleur de sel”


Choux buns filled with rich pastry cream surrounded by either bitter dark chocolate or with gianduja milk chocolate sauce and hazelnut praline

Green Apple Pie

A pâte sablée (rich shortcrust pastry) tart case filled with caramelised green apples and topped with crumbly cinnamon biscuits


An indulgent dark chocolate cream made with 55% Valrhona cocoa, topped with salted caramel butter on sitting on a crunchy biscuit base


Dark chocolate mousse infused with a hint of dried local chilli, sitting on a rich chocolate biscuit and topped with a dark chocolate and a piece of dried red chilli pepper

Mini Tarts

A bite sized version of the most popular “Salty & Sweet”. Rich shortcrust pastry filled with mascarpone cream and glazed with milk chocolate and local sea salt

Lemon Pie

A rich shortcrust pâte sablée case, filled with creamy lemon curd and topped with delicious Italian meringue


Baklava, with a Greek twist on the spices… filo pastry layered with coarsely chopped walnuts and almonds infused in a syrup made with mixed spices and hints of citrus

Nuts & Coffee

Whipped coffee ganache on a hazelnut biscuit base enrobed in a Caramélia chocolate glaze. Topped with a hazelnut mousseline cream with a lime cremé centre.


Our interpretation of this iconic Greek desert. Layers of golden brown crispy phyllo, sprinkled with melted butter, filled with a creamy semolina custard and bathed in a fragrant scented syrup


Dark chocolate cream made with 64% Valrhona ‘Manjari’ Madagascan single origin chocolate topped with homemade orange marmelade, cranberries, almonds and sitting on a chocolate biscuit base. Gluten free*

Chocolate Eclair

With cremeux 55% Valrhona Caranoa chocolate dark chocolate glaze and crumble biscuits with cocoa and hazelnuts

Tart au café

Crunchy butter tart filled with “lady fingers” biscuits infused with fresh coffee, coffee ganache, cream flavoured with coffee, and a caramelized white chocolate glaze

*Due to the size of our kitchen, menu items may contain or come into contact with the following allergens: WHEAT, EGGS, NUTS, and MILK. For more information, please speak with a member of our team. Thank you.